Grid Simulator
Input Voltage(line-line RMS) : 0~380V
Rated Input Current(RMS) : 50A
Input Current TDD(Total Demand Distortion) : < 3%
Maximum Input Current(RMS) : 100A
Maximum DC-link Voltage : 1000V
Output Voltage(line-line RMS) : 0~380V
Output frequency : 0 ~ 420Hz
Rated Output Current(RMS) : 50A
Maximum Output Current(RMS) : 100A

Active Source Functions
Regenerataion Function
Output Voltage Generation Function(sine / square / triangular / sawtooth wave, etc)
Harmonic Injection Function(3, 5, 7th)
Output Voltage Frequency Control Function : 0 ~ 420Hz
Transient State Transition Function(Step change / Ramp change)
DC / AC(single or three-phase) Output Function
High Accuracy(< 1%)
  : Over Voltage, Over Current, Over Temperature, Input Under Voltage, DC-link Over Voltage

Block Diagram of the Grid Simulator

The Grid Simulator