PHIL (Power Hardware In The Loop) system for inverter test of electric vehicle
  The PHIL system for the inverter diagnosis of E/V consists of a DC power supply, motor emulator, and DUT. The DC power supply supplies the DC power to the DUT (E/V inverter) and the motor emulator, which consist power conversion devices, is connected to the DUT output. Since the previous inverter diagnosis equipment uses the mechanical equipment, the hardware has to be continuously replaced whenever the motor specification changes. However, because the inverter diagnosis equipment that uses the PHIL system replaces the diagnosis equipment, which is composed of the previous mechanical equipments, with the power conversion system, it is possible to test the various systems by only changing the modeling of the motor. The advantages of the PHIL system are the reduction of noise and vibration, capability of configuring various motor parameters and regeneration of the output power, which enable the load test at small amount of power.

Block Diagram of the PHIL system for inverter test of electric vehicle

PHIL system for inverter test of electric vehicle