Microinverter in Solar System
  A module integrated converter (MIC), or simply a microinverter, converts direct current (DC) from a single solar panel to alternating current (AC). Each photovoltaic (PV) module has its own DC-AC inverter. Microinverters have several advantages over conventional central inverters. The main advantage is that small amount of shading, fragments or snow lines on any solar panel or a complete panel failure does not disproportionally reduce the output of the entire array. Each microinverter harvests optimum power by performing maximum power point tracking (MPPT) for its connected panel. They are also simple to design and stock, as there is normally only a single model of inverter that can be used with any size array and a wide variety of panels.

Block Diagram of the Microinverter in Solar System

Microinverter in Solar System set