Aug. 2008  Master 
(Wonsang Kim)   Samsung Heavy Industries
 - A Linear and Variable Structure Control Approach to Control the Active and Reactive Powers for a  DFIG in Wind Turbines
ɰ(Gyunghun Sim)   Mando
 - An Improved Induction Motor Drive fed by Matrix Converter using a Disturbance Observer
   Feb. 2009  Master 
輭(Seo Hyung Kim)   Mando
 - Combined Dithered Sigma-Delta Modulation based Random PWM Switching Scheme
   Aug. 2010   Master 
ر(Hae Gwang Jung)   Ph.D Student in Ajou University
Currently Affiliation   LG Electronics
 - The design of Three-Parallel System for High-Power Wind Turbines using a PMSG
(Kil Hun Kim)   LIG Nex1 Co.,Ltd.
 - A Ripple Reduction of DC-Link Voltage for a DFIG in Wind Turbines under an Unbalanced Grid  Voltage Condition
ڵ(Dong Sun Park)   LIG Nex1 Co.,Ltd.
 - The design of a Fuzzy logic controller for a Matrix Converter under Distorted Input Voltage  Conditions
ֺ̼(Sol bin Lee)   LG Electronics
 - An improved control strategy for a DFIG in wind turbines under an unbalanced condition
   Feb. 2011  Master 
ڱ(Kiwoo Park)   Ph.D Student in Aalborg University
Currently Affiliation   LSIS Co., Ltd.
 - Improving Output Performance of the Z-source Sparse Matrix Converter using a Fuzzy Logic  Controller
ִ(Dae Keun Choi)   Ph.D Student in Ajou University
Currently Affiliation   Hyundai-Dymos
 - A Gain Scheduling Method for Grid-Connected Inverter with an LCL-Filter
ȫ(Duk Hong Kang)   Seoul Metro
 - Performance Improvement of an Anti-Islanding Algorithm using the Variation of Reactive Power  with an Improved DFT Method
̱(Yee Kyu Kang)   LIG Nex1 Co.,Ltd.
 - Parameter Measurement and Control Algorithm for a High-Power Wind Generation System
(Dong Keun Yoon)   LG Innotek Co.,Ltd.
 - Design of an LCL-Filter for the Three-Parallel Operation of a Power Converter in Wind Turbines
̻(Sang Hyouk Lee)   LG Innotek Co.,Ltd.
 - Three-Parallel System Operation and Grid-Connection Technique for High-Power Wind Turbines  using a PMSG
   Jan. 2010 - June 2011  Visiting Scholar 
Thibault MEERT
   Feb. 2011 - Aug. 2011  Exchange Student 
Margo Elise
   Aug. 2011  Master 
մ(Dae Il Son)   LG Electronics
 - The open-circuit fault detection of indirect matrix converters
   Feb. 2012   Master 
輱(Sun Min Kim)   Hitachi-LG Data storage Korea, lnc.
 - Performance Improvement of a Grid-connected Power Conversion System by using a Full-order  Observer and PLL System Model
(Dae-Min Jang)   Samsung Electro-Mechanics
 - Detection Method of an Open Circuit Fault in a Grid Connected NPC Inverter System
̼ȣ(Se-Ho Lee)   Samsung Electro-Mechanics
 - Active damping for large-scale wind power systems with an LCL-filter using DFT
(Young Jong Ko)   Ph.D Student in Kiel University (Germany)
 - Fault Diagnosis of a Three-parallel Power Conversion System using a Fuzzy Logic
(Eunsil Lee)   Ph.D Student in Ajou University
 - Fault Diagnosis for Sparse Matrix Converter using Current Patterns
̺(Byoung Seoup Lee)   Ph.D Student in Ajou University
 - Design of a Grid-connected Power Conversion System for a Photovoltaic Generator
    Aug. 2012   Master 
(Jong-Kyu Kim)   LIG Nex1 CO.,Ltd.
 - Performance Improvement of Grid-Connected Wind Power Systems by using a PR controller
    Feb. 2013   Master 
(Hyun Hee Lee)   LG Electronics
 - Neutral-Point Voltage Control for the 3-Level Inverter in a Motor Driver for Reliability
ؼ(June Seok Lee)   Ph.D Student in Ajou University
Currently Affiliation   KRRI (Korea Railroad Research Institute)
 - Modulation Technique to Reduce Leakage Current in Transformerless Photovoltaic Systems Using a Three-Level Inverter
(Jae Seung Yoon)   Yejun Patent & Trademark Law Firm
 - Power Conversion and Control System for Electrolysis Tank
ǹ(Ui Min Choi)   Ph.D Student in Aalborg University
Currently Affiliation   Seoul National University of Technology
 - Open-Switch Fault-Tolerant Control Strategy for T-type 3-Level Inverter Systems
   Jan. 2013 - Feb. 2013  Intern 
   July. 2011 - Feb. 2013  Administrative Staff  
(Yoon Jung Lee)
   Mar. 2012 - Mar. 2013  Visiting Professor  
(Meng Qiu Li)   Hunan University, Hunan Province, CHINA
   Aug. 2013  Master  
豤(Gwang Seob Kim)   Hyundai Motor Company
 - Second-Order Harmonic Reduction Technique and DC-link Voltage Sensorless Control for Grid-Connected PV Systems
(Jong Hyun Lee)   Hyundai Heavy Industries
 - Performance Improvement of a Grid-Connected Inverter System Using PR Controllers
(YongMo Jin)   KEPCO Plant Service & Engineering
 - Tuning of Process Control Loop based on HMI
迵(YoungJun Kim)   Suwon Information Science Highschool Computer Electronic Department Teacher
 - Performance Analysis of MPPT Methods in a Photovoltaic System
Ȳ(Jae Hwang Kwak)   Secu-line Co.
 - Firmware upgrade method and equipment design of embedded system
   May 2013 - Aug. 2013  Intern  
Ժ(Peter Yom)   Duke University
    Feb. 2014   Ph.D. 
ر(Hae-Gwang Jeong)   LG Electronics
 - Design and Control of the Huge-Capacity Wind Power Systems
    Feb. 2014   Master 
赿(Dong-Hee Kim)   Hyundai Elevator Co.
 - Torque Ripple Reduction for Switched Reluctance Motors Using Fuzzy Logic Control
н(Hak-Seung Ro)   Hyundai Elevator Co.
 - Fault Diagnosis and Tolerant Method for Switched Reluctance Motor Drive
(Jung-Hyum Kim)   ADT Co.
 - A Sensorless MPPT Control Using an Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Logic for PV Battery Chargers
ſ(Yesl Shin)   LG Electronics
 - Desing of CLC Filter for Flyback Inverter of Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems
ֿ(Woo Jin Choi)   Ph.D Student in Ajou University
 - A Novel Model based Predictive Control Strategy for Direct Torque Flux Control of an Induction Motor Drive System Using a Matrix Converter
(Jae Jin Lee)   Sung Chang Telecom Co.,Ltd
 - Design of a Micro DC Online Uninterruptible Power Supply
ڼ(Ryan)   LGinnotek Co.
 - Model-Based Predictive Control for Interleaved Three-Phase DC/DC Converters
(Ji A Yang)   Korea Water Resource Coporations
 - A Study on Integrated Operation and Automated Software Development and Application for Water Treatment Process
層(KwangHun Chang)   Hankuk Engineering Consultants
 - Optimal Control for Filter Backwash in Water Treatment Process
ȣ(Jae-Ho Park)   Korea Testing Certification
 -  Power Conversion System Using Sport Activity Energy
̿(YoungBeom Lee)   Korea Testing Certification
 -  A Comparative Study on Global Trend of Minimum Energy Performance Standard for Premium Efficiency Motor
ȯ(Dae Hwan Kim)   Ds-electron Co., Ltd
̽ÿ(SiYoung LEE)   Korea Testing Certification
 - A Study on the Standard Applies to the Safety of I. V. D. (In-Vitro Diagnostic) Medical Device
Ѱ(KangMin Han)   KEPCO Plant Service & Engineering CO.,LTD
 - A Study on the system stability of gas turbine
(Won Seok Cho)   Korea Testing Certification
 - Permanent Joint Type Multiple Socket-Outlets Without Soldering Crimped Connection
    Feb. 2014   Ph.D Course Completion  
ڼ(Seong Jae Bak)   Maxcom
   Aug. 2014  Master 
(Ju-Hye Kim)   Poongsan R&D Institute
 - Direct Power Control of Three-Phase Boost Rectifiers Using a Sliding-Mode Based Sensorless Control 
常(Man-Woo Jang)   Korea Testing Certification
 - Safety test for halogen free flame retardant low smoke electric wires 
ź(Bong Kyun Shin)   Korea Testing & Research Institute
 - Noise Reduction Technique for Electronic Medical Device 
   Aug. 2014 - Dec. 2014  Research Associate 
輮(Seok-Kyoon Kim)   LG Electronics
    Feb. 2015   Ph.D 
ִ(Dae-Keun Choi)   Hyundai-Dymos
 - Dynamic Improvement of AC/DC and DC/DC Converters Using Model Predictive Control Based Direct Power Control 
    Feb. 2015   Master 
ȣ(Sang Ho Moon)   Hyundai Mobis
 - Performance Improvement of a Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for Battery Chargers Using an LCLC Filter 
¹(Tae-Min Yoon)   LG Electronics
 - A Simplified Algorithm for Estimating the Rotor Position of IPMSM with High Frequency Voltage Signal Injection 
(Hyun-Woo Sim)   Hyundai Mobis
 - A Detection Method for an Open-Switch Fault in Cascaded H-bridge Multilevel Inverters using Asymmetric Zero-Voltage Swithching State 
ۿ(Yong Gyu Song)   Hansol Technics Co., Ltd.
 - Islanding Detection Algorithm of the Grid-Connected Inverter Using a Synchronous Coordinate System 
(Hyung Kim)   SAMSUNG Electronics
 - A study on power quality improvement of semiconductor process during instantaneous voltage drop 
    Feb. 2015   Ph.D Course Completion  
ּŹ(Sung-Tak Jou)   OKY
    Aug. 2015   Ph.D 
ؼ(June-Seok Lee)   KRRI (Korea Railroad Research Institute)
 - Reliability Improvement Methods of Three-Level Converters for Enhanced Performance and Maintenance 
(Eunsil Lee)
 - Design of a reverse matrix converter for boosting operation and diagnostic method of an open-switch fault 
    Aug. 2015   Master  
̰汸(Kyoung-Gu Lee)   Dawonsys
 - Sensorless Speed Control for a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Using an Improved Full-Order Flux Observer 
ռ(Kyun-Seon Ji)   Ph.D Student in Nagoya Institute of Technology
 - Performance Improvement of DC-link Control for a Dynamic Voltage Restorer with Power Feedforward Compensation 
ؼ(Jun Sung Kim)    Korea Testing Certification
 - Analysis of Hazard Failure in Refrigerators for Home use 
    Feb. 2016   Master  
(Dae Joong Kim)   LG Electronics
 - Scheme to Improve the Line Current Distortion of PFC Converter Using a Predictive Control Algorithm 
ڿ(Yeongsu Bak)   Ph.D Student in Ajou University
 - A Control Strategy for an Indirect Matrix Converter with Three-phase and Single-phase Outputs 
̽(Seung-Joo Lee)    LG Electronics
 - Neutral-point voltage control for single-phase three-level NPC inverter applying a novel switching method 
(Seungjong Yoo)   LG Electronics
 - A New Discontinuous PWM Method of a Three-Level NPC Inverter for Neutral-Point Voltage Ripple Reduction 
(Won Seok Jung)    Korea Southern Power
 - A Control Strategy of Induction Motor Driven by a Matrix Converter Operating in Boost Mode 
    Aug. 2015 - Dec. 2015   Exchange Student  
Eddy Iciragiye   Aalborg University
   Feb. 2013 - Mar. 2016  Administrative Staff  
ѾƸ(Ah Reum Han)
    Aug. 2016   Ph.D  
̺(Byoung-Seoup Lee)   iosystem
 - A Hydro Generation System using Low Cost Electrolyzer and DC-DC Converter  
(Yongsoo Cho)   LG Electronics
 - Model-Based Predictive Control for Improving Output Performance of Three-Phase Inverters
    Aug. 2016   Master  
ѵ(Dong Yeob Han)    Microchip Technology
 - An Improved Rotor Position Estimation using PLL of Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor 
輮(Seok-Min Kim)   Ph.D Student in Ajou University
 - A Fault-Tolerant Technique for H-bridge Multilevel Inverter with Improved Power Distribution  
    Feb. 2017   Ph.D  
±(Seung Koo Baek)   KRRI (Korea Railroad Research Institute)
 - Open Fault Diagnosis and Tolerant Control Scheme for a Five-Phase Induction Motor Driving System  
(Hye-Ung Shin)   Ssangyong Motor
 - Optimal Design and Reliability Improvement Method for Switched Reluctance Machine
    Feb. 2017   Master  
ȣ(Raeho Kwak)   Hyundai Autron
 - Novel Discontinuous PWM Method for Improvement of Efficiency and Harmonic Reduction with a Single Phase Neutral-Point Clamped Three-level Inverter  
±(Seung Gyu Seo)   LG Electronics
 - Design of an LCL-Filter for Space Vector PWM in Grid-Connected 3-Level Inverter Systems 
(Seong Yun Kang)    Dawonsys (Military Service)
 - Torque Ripple Reduction Method for DTC of Five-phase Induction Motor  
ȹȣ(Min Ho Ahn)   LS Automotive
 - An Optimal Control Algorithm for ZVS Operation of Clamp-Switch Bi-Directional DC-DC Converter  
    Aug. 2017   Ph.D  
(Jae Seung Yoon)   Yejun Patent & Trademark Law Firm / Patent Attorney Institute)
 - Study of Improved Sensorless Control Algorithm for PMSM  
    Aug. 2017   Master  
(In Jung Won)   Hyundai Autron
 - A DC-link Current Ripple Reduction Method with Optimized Switching Scheme in Three-level T-type Inverters  
(Ji Ook Sin)   LS Mecapion
 - A Novel Model Predictive Control for Common-Mode Voltage Reduction in Parallel Connected Inverters 
(Song Hee Yang)    LG Electronics
 - A Synchronous Switching Technique with Carrier-Based PWM for a Vienna Rectifier  
(Jae Won Lee)   Ssangyong Motor
 - Implement of Power Density for AC Generator Using a Fill Factor of Slot  
(Jaeyoon Cho)   Vector Korea IT, Inc.
 - AUTOSAR Architecture Fulfilling ISO26262 Freedom of Interference for CDD SRM Driver 
    Feb. 2018   Master  
ö(Hyun Cheol Moon)   Hanwha Systems
 - An Improved Model Predictive Control Strategy Based on Discrete Space Vector Modulation to Impove Power Quality of Grid-Connected Voltage Source Inverter  
Ѹ(Han Rim Lee)   LS Mecapion
 - Optimal Soft-Switching Scheme for a Bidirectional DC-DC Converter with an Auxiliary Circuit 
α(Min-Gyo Jeong)    New Power Plasma (Military Service)
 - A Hybrid Modulation Method for Switching Losses Reduction in Modular Multilevel Converters  
ȿö(Hyo-Chul In)   EGtronics (Military Service)
 - Input-Output Current Quality Improvement of the 3-Level NPC Inverters with a Small DC-link Capacitor  
縮(Tcai Anatolii)   Ph.D Student in Kiel University (Germany)
 - Discontinuous PWM Method with Reduced DC-link Ripple Current in Back-to-back Converters  
(Hyeongseok Han)   KATECH
 - Accelerated life test method of power based multi-layer nano thin film glass for automotives  
(Byung-Yong Jeon)   Korea Testing Certification
 - Performance Evaluation Method of Dual energy X-ray Absorptiometer (DXA)