Yongsoo Cho, “3상 인버터의 출력 성능개선을 위한 모델 기반의 예측제어,” 아주대학교 공학박사 학위 논문, 2016. > Paper

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Thesis Yongsoo Cho, “3상 인버터의 출력 성능개선을 위한 모델 기반의 예측제어,” 아주대학교 공학박사 학위 논문, 2016.



This paper proposes a control method to improve the dynamic response and steady-state performances of three-phase inverters by

using a model-based predictive control algorithm. Compared to a linear control the proposed control method has a faster dynamic

response and anticipate system behavior due to the non-linear characteristics. Based on mathematical equations, the predictive

control algorithm influences an object error minimization and provides improved the reference voltage calculation, which ensures a

better dynamic response in a transient state and accurate control performance in a steady-state. Moreover, with a simple control

structure, this method has an advantage of reduced operation time compared to a more sophisticated coordinate transform method.

In this paper 3 different predictive control algorithm applications are introduced. The torque predictive control of permanent-magnet

synchronous motors, the torque predictive control of induction motors, and the power predictive control of three-phase AC/DC

converter predictive power control. By modelling each type, a relation between the inverter voltage, motor torque and power is

esitimated which induces a calculation of control vector with minimum ripple and higher performance. The proposed model based

on predictive control algorithms are performed through a simulation and an experiment for all three applications to verify the validity

and superiority of the algorithm.


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