Research Area

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Research Area

Research Area

The PEL (Power Electronics Laboratory) carries out research in mainly four areas that all are closely related to the use of power electronics. We focus on

- Electric vehicle
: Power electronic systems are the most essential technology for electric vehicle. The power electronic systems mainly contain EV battery charging, EV battery managing and motor driving. In the power electronic systems, a battery which is DC source is charged and the DC source is converted to the AC source to drive the motor effectively.

- Motor driving
: In many industry area, motor are used for factory automation. We are doing research into controls of motor such as AC, DC motor and SRM, etc. there are several kinds of control method for those motors for example, flux weakning control, position/speed sensorless control, direct torque control and etc.

- Reliability
: Increasing efforts have been put into making power electronic systems better in terms of reliability in order to achieve high power source availability and also reduce the cost of maintenance. Fault diagnosis and tolerant control techniques are studied for IGBT, current sensor, voltage sensor and DClink capacitor for the converter.

- Renewable energy system
: In renewable energy system, the power electronics are used both for controlling the renewable source and interfacing with the load which can be grid-connected or working in stand-alone mode. The kind of renewable energy are wind energy, solar energy and fuel cell, etc.