NEW BOOK, Reliability Improvement Technology for Power Converters : 17-09-23 09:04 
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Power electronics technology, which was used only for motor drives in the past, is currently being used in numerous industries including renewable energy in household appliances, automobiles, and energy storage devices. This change is due in part to the increased interest in improving the efficiency of electronic and electric devices. The main reason is that research on power electronics has been carried out in many universities and research institutes, and researchers equipped with skills in the field of power electronics have been exported across the industry. Based on this, it can be said that the power electronics technology related to low and medium capacity systems has matured considerably. The existing power electronics technology has evolved into a highly reliable technology based on the development experiences and know-how of researchers. However, due to recent increases in energy demand within the industry, high voltage / high capacity systems are required. As a result, new power electronics topologies are being developed and studied. There are two highly representative research areas in the field of multilevel converters. Multi-level converters, mainly in Europe and China, have been applied to high voltage / high capacity wind power generation systems and related research is being actively conducted. In addition, the development of HVDC (High Voltage DC) transmission systems is also a representative field in terms of the application of multi-level converters. This book includes the basic introduction of the most widely studied and used multi-level converter topologies, and it mainly introduces the most reliable three-level converter technology, which is the most similar to a two-level converter. In addition, this book introduces reliable technology for cascaded H-bridge inverters in the last chapter. Three-level converters and cascaded H-bridge inverters have been applied to high voltage systems mainly due to the advantages of multi-level converters. The cascaded H-bridge converter is expanding its application range to high voltage and high capacity systems. However, three-level converters have recently been used in low voltage / medium capacity systems and have been expanding their applications as well. Two-level converters, which have been studied in the field of motor drives in the past, are typical topologies with high reliability based on accumulated technology. On the other hand, although three-level converters and cascaded H-bridge inverter have been applied in the past, since the field is narrow and there are not many cases, their reliabilities related technology are lacking. This book introduces the concept of multilevel converters and basic knowledge of three-level converters and cascaded H-bridge converter to students that want to study multilevel converters as well as power electronics engineers who want to apply three-level converters and cascaded H-bridge inverter to their field. They will also be introduced to techniques for dealing with a variety of reliability-related issues.