PhD Defence by Seung-Koo Baek and Hye-Ung Shin : 16-12-06 10:02 
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Title: Open Fault Diagnosis and Tolerant Control Scheme for a Five-Phase Induction Motor Driving System
PhD defendant: Seung-Koo Baek

Title: Optimal Design and Reliability Improvement Method for Switched Reluctance Machine
PhD defendant: Hye-Ung Shin

Supervisor: Kyo-Beum Lee

Prof. Dongkyong Chwa (Ajou University)
Prof. Hyung Il Koo (Ajou University)
PhD. June-Seok Lee (Korea Railroad Research Institute)
PhD. Yongsoo Cho (LG Electronics)

Time: Dec. 8. 2016, 16:00
Place : Energy Center 311